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Storage Tanks

We install a wide range of storage tanks.

Polyethylene Tanks
Single piece polyethylene tanks are available in sizes from 100 – 10,000 litres. These tanks are uninsulated. This can be a disadvantage in very hot weather, because the temperature of the stored water may rise to an unacceptable level if the tank is exposed to direct sunlight.

Single Piece GRP Tanks (see photos on right)
Single piece Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) tanks are manufactured with capacities from 300 – 9,500 litres. A layer of insulating material up to 50mm thick can be built into the sides and top of the tank to reduce variations in the temperature of the contents.

Sectional GRP Tanks
Sectional GRP tanks are constructed on site from pre-cast rectangular panels held together with stainless steel bolts. This method of construction is used mainly for tanks with capacities in excess of 5000 litres. The panels can be manufactured with up to 50mm of insulation built into them.

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