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Prior to treatment equipment installation, we require a recent chemical and bacteriological analysis. If the prescribed concentrations or values in your drinking water exceed the parameters of the Drinking Water Standards (DWS), it will be necessary to install or upgrade equipment to reduce or remove. Examples are as follows:

Acidity (low pH)
Symptoms – blue or green staining of bath/basins. Blonde hair turns khaki/green. Water has unpleasant astringent taste. Remedy – acid neutraliser.

Harmful Bacteria
Symptoms – stomach upsets. Remedy – UV steriliser.

Excess Iron
Symptoms – brown or black staining of laundry. Unpleasant metallic after taste. Water becomes cloudy on standing. Remedy – iron/manganese reduction filter.

Excess Hardness
Symptoms – limescale in kettle, on taps, and shower heads. Remedy – water softener.

Symptoms – water is cloudy, or contains visible particles. Remedy – cartridge filter or sand filter.

Excess Nitrate
Symptoms – No visible symptoms – evidence from laboratory analysis only. Remedy – nitrate reduction filter.

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