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Well & Spring Upgrades

Many well and spring supplies were installed long before people had appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and power showers in en-suite bathrooms. These supplies are now unable to support the high demand for water. The water supplying wells and springs, often comes from the surface or just below, which can make them susceptible to contamination or cause them to run dry in prolonged periods of dry weather.

To reduce the risk of contamination or water shortages, it may be necessary to fence off the area around your water source or cap your well to prevent animals and vermin getting into or near the water. To reduce the risk of water shortages, it may help to install an adequately sized water storage tank that would continually fill even when water is not being used.  However, where these supplies dry up during the summer months, installing a tank may not be sufficient. A borehole may be a more reliable option.

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